Best Women’s Cycling Helmets

Wearing a helmet that fits perfectly is one of the best prerequisites for a good ride. Therefore it is important to get it right when choosing the best cycling helmet. There are a lot of options available right now and paying attention to some criteria is very important so you may end up buying one that does not fit. 

In previous times, cycling was a man’s thing; however, times have changed, and women are changing the narrative. This is really encouraging as stereotypes are gotten rid of, barriers are broken. 

Most helmets are unisex; as a woman, you are not just restricted to use female helmets; however, it is better to go for a helmet specifically for women as it has all the characteristics needed to have a safe and enjoyable ride. It has been streamlined for that purpose.

The shape of the head or body structure of women is obviously different from that of a man, therefore it is more logical to have a different helmet for both sexes. How a helmet sits right on your head is very integral to having a good ride. As a woman who cycles you would want to be duly protected and also have a good ride. You definitely need the best women’s cycling helmet. 

Here Are Things To Look Out For When Purchasing The Best Helmet 

Its weight

The weight of a helmet is very important, the lighter it is, the more comfortable it feels; especially for long trips. A good balance is key and you can get that with a lightweight helmet that also has a sturdy/durable construction.

If it has met safety standards

Helmets just like any other product should be certified by the safety organization of the said country. For example in the U.S, the organization that sees to this is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Therefore when buying a helmet, look out for this, it will guide your decision making.

Some helmet manufacturers also get the SNELL certification, this is quite similar to that of CPSC. In recent times, most helmets come with MIPS technology. It stands for multi-directional impact protection system. It comes as an added liner that helps give a reduced friction feeling. It also aids to reduce the risk of being overly affected during a crash. It serves as an added security, it protects the head.

How it fits

How a helmet fits and positions on your head goes a long way to determine your safety.  Good fit also increases the level of comfort you will get. One way you can find this out is by measuring the circumference of your head. 

This would be helpful, with the measurement at hand, you will be able to make a comparison with helmets available to be bought. A well-fitting helmet would keep you adequately protected. A helmet with straps or other features can also ensure it is well fitted on your head. Make sure it is adjusted until it fits.

Good ventilation

This is a key factor to consider, as a female cyclist, you need proper ventilation or airflow while riding. When your helmet has a good ventilation system, you will hardly experience sweaty heads while riding. This, in turn, makes you feel more comfortable, especially on scorching days. 

Do not just pay attention to the number of holes in a helmet, but rather, to how large the holes and how they are positioned on the helmet. Large vent holes will ensure better distribution of air and this is what you need to stay cool while riding. Also, make sure that the helmet has enough airflow channels to give you a cool and smooth ride. 

Best Women’s Cycling Helmets 2020

Specialized Propero 3 ANGI MIPS Helmet

This is a top-notch high-tech helmet. It has a weight of 350g. It comes in 7 variant colours. It has good crash detection and compatibility. You will get the best riding experience with this helmet, it is totally worth the cost. You will get good value for your money.

Some of its features are the web splitter which provides an excellent comfortable fit, there is also the 4th dimension cooling system which offers great ventilation. The Specialized Propero 3 helmet also has the ANGI crash sensor, which detects an intending crash or issue and alerts your emergency contact.

It can be paired with your android or iOS, it can also sync with Strava, which is a popular GPS-tracking app. This helmet is a full package, it gives you all-round safety. Features such as ANGI and MIPS are an added advantage, thus making it an incredibly safe women’s cycling helmet to wear.

It is specifically useful for female cyclists. There is the HairPort FLS 2 fit element that makes it possible to suit the height of the adjustable dial to accommodate a long hair comfortably. A clip-on visor is also a major constituent of this helmet. It serves as an added protection, especially in low light situations. 

  • It has good crash detection and compatibility
  • It provides an excellent comfortable fit
  • It offers great ventilation
  • It is an incredibly safe women’s cycling helmet
  • It may seem quite expensive to some people

Giro Ember MIPS Helmet

This helmet has a classic aesthetic with about 7 colour options. It has a weight of 295g. It is a women-specific model. This Ember helmet comes in a compact shape. It also has a giro’s roc loc 5 fit system which makes it possible for easy adjustment. 


The Giro Ember MIPS Helmet comes with Air padding which is designed for more comfort especially when commuting on long trips. The helmet has 26 vent holes and other airflow channels, to allow for better ventilation and breathability on the part of the female cyclist. 

The Giro Ember MIPS Helmet has an in-mould polycarbonate shell that comes with an EPS liner that provides good absorption and protection. The outer surface of the helmet is very sturdy, with this, crashes will have minimal effects on the rider. This helmet has a good multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) which offers super protection for you. 

Additionally, the rear of the helmet has a place where you can position your hair if you have a long one. There is no cause to worry about how your hair will be flipping around and distracting you. The Giro Ember MIPS Helmet has got you covered. 

  • This helmet has a good multi-directional impact protection system that offers excellent protection
  • It is very aesthetic, cute and stylish
  • It is very comfortable to use
  • It gives room for better ventilation and breathability
  • It has an EPS liner that provides good absorption

Bell Women’s Spark MIPS Helmet

This is a durable helmet that comes at a budget-friendly/cost-effective price. It has a weight of 365g. It comes in one colour variant. This helmet has a good appeal, it has vents that help to stop overheating especially in hot weather. The Bell Women’s Spark helmet is a choice to make especially if you are very conscious of your budget.

It is a helmet to consider, Bell is a well-respected brand, it has great features and you will get good value for your money. The outer casing is joined to an EPS foam liner. This gives more protection and durability. It also comes with the multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS). 

The inner padding of the helmet helps to absorb heat and prevent sweat. It keeps your head feeling very cool. While the visor is instrumental in shielding your eyes from the sun, and from any form of dirt you may come across while riding.

  • It is a budget-friendly helmet
  • It is durable
  • It keeps your head feeling very cool
  • It gives you the protection you need
  • It has a few vents

POC Tectal Helmet

This is a comfortable and well-ventilated helmet. It comes in 3 colour variants. It has a weight of 340g. The POC tectal helmet is a Swedish brand. It is designed particularly for the trails. Some of its features are an integrated visor which serves as a protective cover for your head. 

It has about 17 wide and even vents holes that provide good airflow and encourage sweat evaporation for fast and better cooling. The POC tectal helmet has a 360-degree strap system which aids in adjusting the fit until it is tight enough. This particular helmet is built to withstand rough cycling. It has tectal features and a reinforced EPS liner that ensures adequate protection.

  • It is a well-ventilated helmet
  • It serves as a protective cover for your head
  • It provides good airflow
  • It is durable

Giro Vasona Helmet

This is a very budget-friendly helmet. It has a removable visor and with 5 good colour options that make the Vasona helmet a versatile and stylish one. It has a weight of  281g. 

The Giro Vasona helmet is sleek and very smart. It is a  compact shaped helmet, with air vents that ensure proper cooling. It is a lightweight helmet. It has inner padding that helps to absorb sweat.

  • It is a very budget-friendly helmet
  • It is very versatile and stylish
  • It is sleek and very smart
  • It has air vents that ensure proper cooling
  • It has a lightweight construction
  • It has inner padding that helps to absorb sweat and keep you cool

Liv Rev MIPS Helmet

It is a super performing helmet suitable for women. It has a weight of 280g and it comes in two variant colours. Liv is a major manufacturer when it comes to making women’s cycling helmets. 

It has a good customers rating and sellers rank. It’s a very fine and stylish helmet with good ventilation and MIPS protection. This helmet has inner padding that helps to absorb sweat, it also has vents which provides good airflow to keep you cool. 

  • It has a good customers rating and sellers rank
  • It is a stylish helmet
  • It provides good airflow
  • It has good MIPS protection

Giro Trella MIPS Helmet

It is a very safe and casual helmet. It comes in 3 colour options. It has a weight of 272g. The Trella MIPS helmet provides comfort while riding, It has 18 vents that provide good airflow and ventilation. It has a lightweight construction and also durable.

It’s an excellent option for you if you love to ride regularly. With this helmet, you can easily adjust to fit, it also has an extra layer for more protection. The outer casing can reflect especially in low lights. This can aid when you are riding at night.

  • It is a safe helmet
  • It provides comfort
  • It is durable
  • It has a lightweight construction
  • It provides good airflow

Bern Allston Helmet

This helmet offers super protection and it is very durable. It has a weight of 356g. It comes in 5 colour variants. The Bern Allston Helmet has a 360° retention system which ensures you have a comfortable fit while on the go. 

It has 16 vents holes that help to keep you cool and fresh while riding especially in hot weather. This helmet has a flip visor and an absorbing liner that gives it the Bern Allston signature look. For added safety, it has a two-hole mount located toward the back of the helmet, where you can attach a source of light that you can use while riding in the dark.

  • It is durable
  • It offers super protection
  • It gives a comfortable fit


Women ride bikes nowadays. Some for recreational purposes, sports and other activities. When riding, you need to be fully protected, this is where a good helmet comes in. Highlighted and explained above are the best women’s cycling helmets. 

If you are a woman you should be interested in this if you have a sister, a female friend, family friend or colleague who is female; you can also share. It is about keeping the community safe and sound.  Are you a female and you are thinking of buying the best cycling helmets? this is a write-up you should read through and take in. This would serve as a guide when making a decision to buy a good cycling helmet.